About me


About my passion


I‘m a photographer of feelings and happy people. I live in Lithuania but work all over the world.

It means a lot for me being a photographer; it‘s not a work or profession – for me photography is an injection of emotions, smiles, happiness, beautiful feelings and moments. This injection keeps me going and going, and going… You understand you‘re in your place when you do what makes you more than happy, when you want to yell from joy because of captured beautiful moments and people.

I feel like a little child in love when I’m taking pictures – I‘m sighting from the beauty, I do feel fluttering butterflies; I also applaud from joy and delight. All this happens when I see and capture true and sincere feelings of two loving people.

To sum up – when I take pictures I’m not working – I’m living. I’m living through every moment together with you.

About the style of my work

I prefer to avoid unnatural poses – my goal is to create or capture true feelings and emotions letting my couples enjoy their day and just be in love. My style is a pleasing blend of cute and simple poses, true feelings, technically correct composition, lighting and background. I place my subjects together in an interesting environment and encourage them to relax and interact. I do show what to do, how to pose if it’s necessary. As I capture the ceremony, I’m doing a reportage and do not interrupt any moments.  

I retouch all my pictures giving it a warm look – a low contrast and soft unsaturated warm colors.